Thursday, June 16, 2011


Many years ago, my friend Mark wanted to ride from Seattle to Minnesota in a period of two weeks. That would, roughly, equal 200 miles each day... there was of course no takers for this mad march across middle America. Fast forward 13 years later and he dreams up yet another ride, this time a little more do able seeing that we have all aged and most have families. His new creation for a ride will see us leaving Dayton, WY and ride to Cody, WY via the southern route. The next day we return to Dayton riding the northern route. There are the Bighorn Mountains that fill the void between the two destinations that we will be riding over.
Mark the purveyor of punishment!

This ride provided me with much needed incentive to log in longer miles. The early morning rides started, the after work rides started, the Sunday afternoon rides started and the miles started to build along with a little nervousness. It was great to log in some miles with Jay as he prepared for Trans Iowa and Dirty Kansas. There was also a very memorable ride with Mike and Ferg, memorable for me because I sat behind Mike at 21 mph into a 16 mph wind as he pulled for the better part of 15 miles until we flipped and and then the speed went up to 26 mph until bonked like I never had before and Ferg was kind enough to sit and block the crosswind for me on the way home. And, the ride with Brian when I missed a turn and we ended up riding on a gravel road (actually it was more like a rock road) complete with puddles as he was bonking, which I have never seen happen to him in the 11+ years that I have ridden with him. 


Why I like early morning rides. 

Early morning ride with Pete (He made me take his picture).
What happens when you miss a turn. 
With the car loaded and the bikes on the back I set off to see my good friend Marty, Lisa and family in Prairie du Chien, WI., four hours later then I had planned on leaving. We love going to Marty and Lisa's house, it is great to see our four girls hanging out together. And, the town has a comfortable Wisconsin laid back vibe with a nice little coffee shop next to his U.S.  Singular distribution headquarters and home of Prairie Peddler cycling shop. The first night we enjoyed a great dinner at the Potosi Brewery, but unfortunately the National Brewery Museum was closed. 
The garage of a biker. 

Singular's U.S. distribution center. 

Prairie Peddler's meditation center:
notice the creative use of wine rack.
One of the great things that I have been reminded of through all of this is that I am reminded just how much I like riding my bike. Next stop Mankato and then on to WY and the Bighorn Mountains.


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