Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How do you read in your head without reading?

The title was the question posed to me by my youngest today as she sat reading her book. My other child looked at her and decided that this was a question that she didn't want to broach. She shook her head and left the room before returning to do what siblings do best...pester the other one. And, this is the transaction that has lead into the first postings.

A disclaimer should be stated first before this endeavor starts, and I have read many disclaimers like this before in other blogs ... all typos, misspelled words and other poor grammatical errors are mine alone. I also do not claim to be a wonderful wordsmith, but I do like to write and my reasons for starting a blog are many. I have a few main reasons in why I finally decided to start, they are (and not limited to) as follows; I have a few friends that started to blog and I enjoy reading them, but there is frustration in that they do not post very often and I wish they would. With this being said, I have bugged them enough and thought it was time to pick up the torch and run with it by writing a blog myself.

And, this concludes the first of what I hope are many posts. But, then again, only time will tell....


  1. Don't you read in your head the same way you would spell a word in cursive during a spelling bee?